Welcome to my blog!

Today I registered with HMRC as a sole trader.  Don't get me wrong - I'm not rich!  Far from it, and I won't be buying a condo in NYC anytime soon!  In fact, I don't even meet the criteria for paying tax yet, but it's an important step in my journey to becoming self-efficient and hopefully doing my part to help change the world.

It's been a long and very difficult journey to get to this important little step in my personal development.  After 30+ years of working in offices I finally realised offices, careers and me just aren't compatible. I'm a child of nature who used to speak to the trees and insects (and do to this day!). Sitting in a square room for 8+ hours a day moving pieces of paper around for no fathomable reason made me ill, and after one particularly soul-destroying day of being made to feel utterly worthless yet again my mind decided it had had enough and refused to do it any more.

Twelve months later I've made some amazing friends, worked and learned with some incredibly inspirational people, been involved in some unique community ventures and had tables at some of the best Vegan fairs in the land.  I'm happier than I have been since 1982 when I first started working!  My biggest love is still beadwork but after learning a variety of crafts at a variety of formal and informal workshops and adult education schemes I've discovered a love and talent for enamel and glass work.  I've also rediscovered my love for nature and the sacred world and am beginning to incorporate this into my new work.

But it's not all about jewellery.  By this time next year I hope to have a wide variety of crafts including handmade paper crafts (including actual handmade paper), textiles, mixed media art, bags, animal companion products, little vegans' products, home scents, perfumes and incense.  Phew!

In the meantime I'll continue to be frustrated and confounded with building websites, managing third party shop sites and trying to figure out SEO.  This is my first blog post of many and I hope you'll have the patience to bear with me while I build this thing into some semblance of a workable and professional website!  And to those who've complimented me, bought my creations and supported my little ethical business I'd like to say THANK YOU!!!  Without you and your support I'd never have gotten this far in a year.

Bright Blessings