Vietnam War Memorial, Washington DC


A sombre black and white image of the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington DC. Captured at sunset and also available in colour.



The Vietnam War Memorial in Washington DC is a place I’ve always wanted to visit.

I grew up watching the Vietnam War on British TV. It formed and continues to form a major part of who I am and gave me a lifelong interest in warfare and war strategy. It instilled in me an appreciation for the preciousness and uncertainty of life and the impact of decisions made far away on those who end up suffering because of those decisions. I vowed to cross the Atlantic and visit the Vietnam War Memorial, as I visit many war memorials, to pay my respects to those who died. It was sheer coincidence this turned out to be at dusk, but one which gave this image a particularly sombre ambiance. Another coincidence was finding an Irish surname, relatively rare in the US but one shared with my maternal grandfather, engraved on the wall. I wondered, and still wonder, if he was a relative. To this day it’s still a mystery.

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A4, 8×10, 7×5

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Black, White, Cream

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Matte, Semi-Gloss


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