Celtic Style Necklace in Enamel and Copper


A handmade Celtic style necklace in enamel and copper with a sterling silver chain. Bru na Boinne pays homage to the ancient cultures of Ireland.

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A handmade Celtic style necklace in enamel and copper with a sterling silver chain.


Brú na Bóinne, which means the ‘palace’ or the ‘mansion’ of the Boyne, is one of the world’s most important prehistoric landscapes. Knowth, Dowth, and the famous Newgrange structures were built in the Neolithic or Late Stone Age and pre-date Stonehenge by 1,000 years. This piece is the first of a line of creations paying homage to my Celtic ancestors.

The inspiration for this piece is the large stone at the entrance to Newgrange which features a variety of spiral carvings.

Production Method

Making this Celtic style necklace involved a number of stages. First I hand-hammered a triangular copper pendant for texture.  I then purposely underfired layers of blue, green and ivory lead-free enamels to create a rough, stone-like texture. A triskele (or three-spiral pattern), based on the Newgrange triskeles, was then embedded into the surface of the enamel. The overall effect is of old rock and aged metal and something ancient and mystical.

The rear of the pendant is also enamelled in a mixture of darkest green, transparent brown and a stardust sprinkle of ivory.  Finally, a gold-filled twist-lock jump ring attaches the pendant to an 18 inch sterling silver curb chain.

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Your jewellery is vegan, environmentally friendly, handmade, and completely unique.  I make everything with love and good intention in honour of Mother Earth and those that live upon her.

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