Blue Spiral Necklace with Sterling Silver Chain


This blue spiral necklace, inspired by the Celtic mythology, is handmade in copper, sterling silver, recycled silver and lead-free enamel.

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A beautiful deep blue spiral necklace in lead-free enamel and hammered copper. Finished with a sterling silver chain and bail.


Spirals are thought to represent spiritual growth, connection with the sacred and cosmic awareness.  I’ve loved spirals for as long as I can remember and in this pendant I’ve used two to represent the duality of all things.

Production Method

This blue spiral necklace features a 3.5cm hand-hammered copper base. Fine layers of blue and ivory lead-free enamel cover the pendant. Two spirals made of 100% recycled silver sit in the middle of the pendant, one above the other. This represents the saying “As above, so below” and the intrinsic link between the heavens and the earth.

The rear of the pendant is stained with alcohol inks and artifically aged.  Five layers of microcrystalline archive standard wax (vegan) seal the stain to keep your skin and clothes safe! Finally, the pendant is mounted on a 46cm sterling silver chain and bail.

Other Ideas

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My Ethics

Your jewellery is vegan, environmentally friendly, handmade, and completely unique.  I make everything with love and good intention in honour of Mother Earth and those that live upon her.

Shipping Options

Your order is dispatched in an Eco-friendly presentation box and kept safe in a recycled and biodegradable postage bag. I offer free UK shipping and standard worldwide shipping. If  you’d like an upgrade, let me know.

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Copper, Fine Silver, Sterling Silver, Lead-Free Enamel

Chain Metal

Sterling Silver


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