Celtic Moon. Copper and Silver Moon Necklace


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Celtic Moon is inspired by memories of watching the skies with my beloved Grandfather. I wanted to create something to reflect that childish awe and astonishment which continues to this day. It also pays homage to my Pagan Celtic ancestors, and the mysteries of the Milky Way.

Production Method

Creating this piece involved several stages. First, I hand-hammered the copper base for texture. Then I hand-torched thin layers of lead-free enamel for depth. I then encased a disc of recycled fine (999) silver within the top layers of enamel. This represents the moon. The next step involved multiple firings to give the special ‘wispy cloud’ effect. Finally I encased a spiral of recycled silver wire which represents the sacred spiral.

For the rear I artificially aged and weathered the hammered copper with alcohol inks. Then I sealed and polished with 5 layers of microcrystalline archive standard wax. This gives a secure seal and ensures longevity of the ageing effect. Finally, I attached the pendant to an 18 inch sterling silver curb chain. The attachment is a gold-filled permanent twist-lock closure which guarantees a safe and solid join.

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