Guaranteed Vegan and handmade by me


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There’s seemingly no limit to the bad things that must happen just so we can have nice things.

Slaughterhouse products, animal testing, sweatshops, child labour, environmental damage, lung disease, blindness …. These are all the ethical creator and consumer’s dilemmas when making or buying crafts and jewellery today.

So was born Ethical and Unique (formerly Ethnique Unique Designs).  I offer a less harmful (or completely  harmless!) alternative and all my products really are what they say on the tin.

So why not join the ethical revolution today?  Give the gift without the guilt or find out more .  

Lead-Free Enamels

Organic designs inspired by the sacred and the mysteries of nature.

Fused Glass

Funky kiln-fired glass designs full of colour and life.

Handmade Glass

The beauty of glass, hand-forged in fire and dressed with silver and gold.

Loom-Beaded Bracelets

Unisex designs with worldwide inspired style.

Hand-Stitched Hoops

Brighten up all your days with these big, bold festival earrings.

Hand-Stitched Tabards

=These intricately hand-stitched tabbard style earrings will last for years to come.